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SKU: 86000066310

Magnastop is the premium trailer axle stop device on the market.  Magnet insert in rubberface holds Magnastop in place while sliding tandem axle to the exact spot you need it.

-No need for a spotter

-No more multiple trips from cab to trailer axle in bad weather or crowded truckstops

-Easily balance weight between drive and trailer axles for a smoother ride 

-Place trailer axle on 41 foot mark easily the first try


How to use

1. Place Magnastop shaft in front or behind axle, one hole past desired axle location

2. If trailer has a reinforcement gussett where Magnastop should go, it can be used with arrow pointing away from trailer axle 

3. Gently slide axle forward or back until Magnastop stops axle

4. Give axle a "trailer check" push or pull to take pressure off Magnastop shaft.

5. Lock trailer pins in place for travel

6. Remove Magnastop and get going down the road 


    Weight-2lb 5oz 

    Size W 2.5 inches

            L 5 inches

            D 4 inches


    100% satisfaction guarantee 


    Free Shipping

Color: Black
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